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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Middle & High School


    Science Teacher/Middle School Director

    Alex Tam

    Alex is from the United Kingdom and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He has been teaching in Taiwan since 2016 at international schools in Taipei, including Taipei European School and Taipei American School. Throughout his time in education, he has gained experience as a teacher for students with additional needs and as a STEM teacher. His passion for teaching has led him to complete additional training here in Taiwan as a form of professional development, where he attained TESOL certification for teaching teenagers and young learners.His classroom ethos is to be firm but fair and to make the learning experience for his students a fun and memorable one! Alex is the current Head of Science and teaches both middle and high school students at TYAS. He is also serving as the Director of Middle School where his goal is to ensure that all students are taught with equity, allowing each individual at the school to achieve their full potential. As the Director, he also hopes to promote the holistic development of his students to foster responsible, independent, happy, and well-rounded citizens.

    Social Science Teacher/High School Director
    Matt Swanston

    Matt received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stanford University while earning All-American honors on the varsity swim team. He then went on to complete his Postgraduate Certificate in Education while student teaching at the American School in Japan. After teaching for two years at the International School of Ningbo, he moved to Taiwan and worked part-time at both Taipei American and Taipei European Schools. He currently teachers High School Social Studies. His interests include writing, swimming, and travel.

    Curriculum Coordinator/College Counselor

    Travis Trojan

    Travis has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Studies and German Studies from Wofford College, where he also earned a Certificate in Gender Studies. Additionally, he has earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham. While at Wofford, Travis has completed language education research for the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and served as the Assistant Director for the "STARTALK at Wofford" Chinese language camp. After graduation, Travis spent two years teaching English and other extracurricular activities at Xikou Elementary School as part of his teaching grant for Fulbright Taiwan. In addition to his teaching duties, he also co-organized local college writing workshops and the Remote Service Projects for Fulbright Taiwan. Travis currently teaches Middle School Public Speaking, Speech and Debate, Theatre, and Journalism, and will be leading the High School College Counseling program. In addition, Travis will serve as the Curriculum Coordinator for all departments. He demonstrates his dedication to students by co-organizing the Model UN and World Scholar's Cup teams. In his free time, Travis enjoys hiking, painting, writing, and traveling around Taiwan.  


    Social Studies Teacher

    Michael Allen Brockman

    Mr. Michael Allen Brockman (Mike) is from Seattle, Washington USA. Mike visited Taiwan twice living and teaching for a year each time before returning in 2012 to make Taiwan his home. During the first 5 years, he was employed as a university English language lecturer. At university he instructed freshman and sophomore students in “4 skills” English. While there he also taught composition as well as TOEIC, TOEFL, and presentation. Additionally, he worked as the first Business English writing instructor at the Regional Civil Service Development Institute, DGPA, Executive Yuan where he taught civil servants from all across Taiwan. Most recently, Mike has been teaching middle school and high school social studies. He has taught grade 7 World Geography and Culture (eastern hemisphere) and grade 8 World Geography and Culture (western hemisphere). He has instructed grade 10 World History II, as well as a grade 12 composition course focusing on American History. He has taught 8th grade “4 skills” English and 12th grade composition and literature. He has mentored a middle school video production club, as well as mentoring the World Scholars Cup and Model United Nations teams. Aside from teaching experience, he has worked at professional development through attending seminars, workshops, and conferences, as well as attending talks given by professors who have experience and expertise on a variety of "how to's" in the classroom and in course design.Mike seeks to utilize the "flipped-classroom model” instructional strategies and project-based learning in order to encourage deeper, student-centered, active learning. His teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that learning is student centered and that students should be equal, if not greater, partners in the learning process. In the classroom, Mike sees his role as putting the necessary resources in the hands of students, or more likely, to be sure that students are well equipped to find and evaluate the resources they need in order to answer their own questions. Beyond striving to ensure that students learn the content of the courses he instructs, his objectives as a teacher are (a) to foster critical thinking skills, (b) to facilitate the acquisition of social skills, and (c) to instill lifelong learning skills.In 2011, Mike graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle earning a master's degree. His bachelor’s degree, earned in 2009, is also from the University of Washington in Seattle Washington, USA.

    High School Spanish Teacher/English Teacher

    Aleksandra Echegoyen

    Aleks has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Foreign Language Education from the University of South Carolina. Additionally, she has earned a TESOL certificate from the American TESOL Institute. After graduation, Aleks spent 1 year teaching English and drama at Tsinghua Experimental School in Shenzhen, China; 5 years teaching Spanish at local charter schools in Houston, Texas, and 1 year at a local government school in New Taipei City, Taiwan. In addition to her teaching duties, Aleks coordinated and led several camping trips, field trips, and directed school plays. In her free time, Aleks enjoys, hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, reading, and traveling.

    Math Teacher

    Jade Cadianza

    Jade is a licensed professional teacher from the Philippines who holds a Master in Education in Mathematics from Panpacific University, Philippines. He started his teaching career in 2009 after he obtained a Bachelor of Secondary Education in Mathematics from the University of Pangasinan. In the same year, he passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers), dubbed the toughest license exam in the Philippines, making him a licensed professional teacher. His work experience includes teaching in public Junior High School, Secondary School, a private university, and a private college. During these years, he has taught Mathematics by integrating it with art, technology, and engineering, such as constructing bridges made of popsicle sticks. He currently teaches Middle School Math and Science. Jade enjoys playing badminton and travelling to different places.

    Math / Physics Teacher

    John Ho

    Dr. John Ho obtained a Bachelor degree of Aeronautical Engineering from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Chung Cheng Institute of Technology in Taiwan. Later, he obtained scholarship for entering the Department of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at Stanford University, USA, and obtained his first Master Degree. Two years later, he gained another scholarship for the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA for his Doctorate, obtaining his PhD within four years. At the same time, he also earned his second Master degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Then he went to Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology(CSIST), and worked as the head of the Navigation Division and engaged in the R&D of the missile/rocket navigation system. He was soon promoted to full-time researcher, which is the highest level national researcher awarded by the Government. During his working in CSIST, he also served as a part-time Associate Professor, Doctorate/Master's Thesis Advisor, and was awarded an Associate Professor Certificate by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. At that time, he also served, on behalf of the government, to be the chairman of the Guidance and Control Committee in the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) for 6 years, and participated in the Global Space Development Plan. Dr. Ho currently teaches High School Math and Physics and the TYAS Robotics Club and his hobbies include high tech product R&D.

    College Counselor

    Kasey Sullivan

    Kasey earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mandarin Chinese and Second Language Acquisition Certificate from University of Oregon. While at University of Oregon she was part of the intensive Chinese Flagship Program, which lead her to spend two terms studying in Taipei and to complete a capstone year studying at Nanjing University and interning in Shanghai at Maitao Lab, working at weekend children's science classes where she served as an assistant science teacher, ESL teacher, and translator. In her free time, Kasey enjoys hiking, traveling in Taiwan, and fiber arts.

    English Literature Teacher

    Joshua Myers

    Joshua received a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature from the College of Charleston, where he also minored in Asian Studies and began studying Mandarin Chinese. He moved to Taiwan in 2016 and taught ESL for three years. In his free time, Joshua enjoys reading, watching soccer, hiking with his wife and dog, and traveling.


    Chinese Teacher

    Sebina Ko

    Sebina earned a B.A. in Foreign Languages in Taipei and a M.A. in education from the University of Missouri, USA. Prior to becoming a Chinese teacher of foreign students, she taught general English to high school and college students for a short period of time. Having a passion for teaching and experiencing different cultures, along with the recommendation of her supervisor at Yuan Zi University, she decided to pursue teaching Chinese to foreign students as her career. She later received a certificate in teaching Chinese to foreign students and had experience teaching Chinese to adult students in Chinese Culture University in Taipei for quite a few years. While she was serving Chinese University, she also took time to help teach Chinese to adolescents during summer break. In addition, Sebina had the privilege to be sent by Chinese Culture University to teach Chinese to officers from Central America at National Defense University in Taipei for six months. It was quite an experience for her! Sebina moved back to Taoyuan not long ago and is ready to serve TYAS as a Chinese teacher. She enjoys traveling abroad, biking, watching good movies and spending time with good friends and family.

    General Affairs Assistant
    Robin Liu


    Robin joined Taoyuan American School in 2018. He grew up in Taiwan and graduated from the Republic of China Army Official School. After graduation, he served in the Army Airborne Special Forces, specializing in integrated combat techniques. He is the general assistant of TYAS. He loves sports, and participates in marathons and triathlons..

    Students Affairs Assistant
    Indigo Hsu


    Indigo joined TYAS in 2018, She graduated from Tainan National University of Arts, majoring material arts and design, and she has been working as an illustrator and a ceramic artist for years. After being an artist-in-residency in US, now she is an assistant in the student affairs office in TYAS. She loves traveling, reading and making ceramic sculptures in her leisure time.

    Amber Chang


    Amber joined TYAS in 2018. She was born and grew up in Taiwan. She graduated from Chang Gung University of Science and Technology with a major in nursing. She is a Taiwan Registered Professional Nurse and has BLS (Basic Life Support) certification. She loves traveling , listening to music and outdoor activities.