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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Application Process









TYAS accepts students from Grades 1-12 holding a foreign passport.

The number of students allowed in each class is limited. Once a class reaches the maximum number of students allowed, the rest of the applicants will go on a waiting list. 

If you’re interested in registering your children to attend TYAS, the steps are:


Step 1: Application and Supporting Documents

Please click on the link below to fill out the Google form for the enrollment application. When completing the form, please make sure to upload the required documents.

Taoyuan American School Application for Admission

Link includes

· Application for Admission (入學申請書)

· Passport Photos of Child (2吋大頭貼照片)

· Copy of the Child’s ARC (if applicable) or Taiwan ID (居留證或身分證)

· Copy of the Child’s Passport (學生護照一份) (台灣及外國)

· Copies of Parents’ passports (父母護照各一份)

· Copies of Parents’ Business Cards (父母名片各一份)

· Record of Immunizations (疫苗注射紀錄)

· Student records from your previous school (in English) (學生兩年內之在校成績)

- For Grade 1 applicants: Report cards/Teacher Comments (including their behaviors in classes) from kindergarten.

- For Grade 2-8 applicants: Report cards from the past two years 

- For Grade 9-12 applicants: Official transcripts for all years in high school


Once we receive the application and the supporting documents, we will start to review the application. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

Applicants applying from overseas may be pre-accepted, but the final admissions decisions and grade placement are made by TYAS after screening. 


Step 2: Placement Testing, Interview, and Screening

 The school reserves the right to request additional diagnostic testing or a full evaluation before a decision is made for any student from G1 through G12.

Placement Testing Requirement for Admission to TYAS:

  1. Students applying to grades 1 - 12 must take the WIDA test.
  2. Interview with school Directors.
  3. Assessments from other standardized tests may be submitted upon the approval of the TYAS Admission Office


Step 3: Tuition Payment

The tuition must be paid before the semester starts. If the student hasn't completed the payment, TYAS has the right to transfer the spot to students who are on the waiting list. 

Registration Checklist

    Required Application Materials

    Specialty Survey

    Lunch Survey

    Required Application Materials

    G1-G6 Health Checklist

    G7-G12 Health Checklist

    Step1 Download

    Download and complete the application form.



    Submit the following documents to TYAS:

    • (1)Application form
    • (2)Current and the last two years of School Records
    • (3)Copies of Applicants and Parents' foreign passport and visa
    • (4)Two Photos (Passport Size)
    • (5)Health Checklist
    • (6)Specialty Survey
    • (7)Lunch Surevey

    Step3 Documents Screening

    Documents screening process.(Receive email up to two weeks after submitting application )