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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Summer Camp 


      The 2024 TYAS Summer Camp is now open for registration!

#Six Featured Camps ️

#Recruitment in Three Counties (New Taipei, Taipei, and Taoyuan)

 #Early Bird, Group Registration, and TYAS Discounts:

-          Register by 4/30 for an early bird discount of NT$1,500!!

-          Starting from 5/1, TYAS students enjoy a discount of NT$500.

-          If you register for two or more summer camps, you'll receive a 10% discount ( Circuit Master Racing School participants enjoy a 5% discount). ️

-          *Only one discount offer can be used at a time; they cannot be combined.

 Register form: https://forms.gle/ZFXa7mraGjS76xoz8

#2024 Summer Camp Six Featured Camps


Mandarin Teaching Assistant Interim Camp (Two Weeks)

o Dates: 6/10 – 6/21

 o Enrollment: Grades 9 - 11

 o Fee: NT$22,900 / person

o Capacity: 8 – 15 people

o Features: Transform into a Mandarin teaching assistant, interact and practice speaking with American high school students, and engage in field trips to introduce Taiwan to foreign students. o Extras: Internship Certificate of Completion


Edible Science Camp

o Dates: First camp: 6/24 – 6/28
            Second camp: 7/1 – 7/5
            *Same great camp- two different weeks.

o Enrollment: Grades 6 – 8 o Fee: NT$17,999 / person

o Capacity: 8 – 16 people

o Features: Use food as experimental tools, become scientists in the kitchen, conduct measurements, weigh ingredients, assemble, and create delicious treats. From stunning cupcake cakes to perfect pizzas, grab your mixer and get ready to cook up some delicious science!

o Handmade: Sandwiches, pizza, cupcake cakes, cheese, and cookies


Helen O'Grady Drama Camp  

o Dates: 7/8 -7/12

 o Enrollment: 

Camp A-Ages 4 – 1st grade 

Camp B- 2nd grade – 7th grade (two sessions) 

o Fee: NT$17,999 / person 

o Capacity: 12 – 16 people / 16 – 22 people 

o Features: Through scenario-based guidance by professional instructors, integrate English speaking into performance, break through the traditional learning framework, and inspire students' unlimited potential. 

o Extras: Performance Showcase


Circuit Master Racing School

o Dates: 7/15 – 7/19

o Enrollment: Grades 3 – 6  (height at least 120cm tall ) 

o Fee: NT$23,900 / person o Capacity: 10– 12 people

o Features: The first and only racing simulator teaching in Taoyuan, learn about racing history and face-to-face interviews with Taiwanese racers.Experience racing simulators, handmade racing cars, and kart driving experiences. 

o Handmade: Racing models ️ 

o Extras: Graduation Certificate, Championship Medals



Imagination Station - Palette, Play, Art!

o Dates: 7/22 – 7/26

 o Enrollment: Grades 2 – 6 

o Fee: NT$16,900 / person

 o Capacity: 6 – 12 people 

o Features: Guided by professional art teachers, make your very own small books and create amazing artwork. 

o Handmade: Small books, jelly candles, and scented stones


Media Makers Camp

o Dates: 7/1-7/5 o Enrollment: Grades 3 – 9 

o Fee: NT$18,900 / person o Capacity: 6-25 people 

o Features: Experience and understand the daily life of radio DJs and anchors, and become the voice of tomorrow's future. 

o Extras: Radio station tour, TV station visit, and presentation of achievements


#Course Information

 Register form: https://forms.gle/ZFXa7mraGjS76xoz8

Recommended Ages: 4 years old - 11th grade (varies by camp)

Class Time: 9:00 – 15:00 (Monday to Friday, adjusted according to the schedule of each camp)

Location: Taoyuan American School (No. 1 Kainan Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City)

Registration Period: From now until 5/31 (Friday), course notifications will be sent to your mailbox on 6/3.  

If you have any questions, please call 03-341189 #1024, and our staff will be happy to assist you. ☎️

2024 TYAS夏令營開始報名囉!


#三縣市招生 (新北、台北和桃園)




*若報名兩個(含)以上夏令營,享9折優惠 (速度探索營享95折優惠)


#2024 夏令營六種特色營隊

報名表: https://forms.gle/ZFXa7mraGjS76xoz8

Mandarin Teaching Assistant Interim Camp 華語助教實習營 (兩週)

o 日期:6/10 – 6/21

o 招生:9 - 11年級

o 費用:22,900 / 人

o 人數:8 – 15 人

o 特色:化身華語教學助教,與美國高中生實際互動及口語練習、並外出至景點實際演練,向外籍學生介紹台灣

o 附加:實習證書

Edible Science Camp食品科技營

o 日期:第一梯次:6/24 – 6/28

             第二梯次:7/1 – 7/5


o 招生:6 – 8 年級

o 費用:17,999 / 人

o 人數:8 – 16 人

o 特色:們將以食物作為實驗工具,成為廚房中的科學家,進行測量、稱重、組合和創作。從驚艷的杯子蛋糕到完美的比薩,拿起你的攪拌器,準備好烹飪一些美味的科學吧!

o 手做:三明治、披薩、杯子蛋糕、起司和餅乾

Helen O' GradyDrama Camp 英語戲劇營

o 日期:7/8 -7/12

o 招生:4歲 – 1年級 / 2年級 – 7年級 (兩梯次)

o 費用:17,999 / 人

o 人數:12 – 16 人 / 16 – 22人

o 特色:藉由專業講師情境式引導,將英語口說融入於表演之中,突破制式學習框架,激發學生的無限可能。

o 附加:成果發表會

Circuit Master Racing School探索賽車營

o 日期:7/15 – 7/19

o 招生:3 – 6 年級 (身高120以上)

o 費用:23,900 / 人

o 開課人數:10– 12人

o 特色:桃園首推且配合賽車模擬器教學,藉由課程了解賽車歷史與台灣賽車手面談,並親身體驗賽車模擬器、手做賽車及卡丁車駕駛體驗

o 手做,賽車模型

o 附加:結業證書、優勝獎牌

Imagination Station - Palette, Play, Art! 動手玩藝術營

o 日期:7/22 – 7/26

o 招生:2 – 6 年級

o 費用:16,900 / 人

o 開課人數:6 – 12人

o 特色:透過專業的美術老師指導,親手製作屬於自己的小書及藝術品

o 手做:小書、果凍蠟燭、擴香石

Media Makers Camp媒體達人養成營

o 日期:7/1-7/5

o 招生:3 – 9年級

o 費用:18,900 / 人

o 開課人數: 6-25人

o 特色:體驗及認識電台DJ、主播日常與主播培訓,成為未來的明日之聲

o 附加:電台巡禮、電視台參訪和成果發表



建議年齡:4歲-11年級 (各營隊不同)

上課時間:9:00 – 15:00 (周一至周五,依照各營課程調整)

開課地點:桃園美國學校 (桃園市蘆竹區開南路1號)

報名時間:即日起 – 5/31 (五),6/3將寄送開課通知至信箱

如有任何疑問,請撥打03-341189 #1024,由專人為您服務

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