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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Elementray School

    The Taoyuan American School elementary department offers an American-based curriculum aligned with the common core content standards established by the California State Board of Education for grade 1-5 students with foreign passports. 

    Our elementary school teachers are committed to preparing our students for an ever changing world. Our curriculum is designed to create an environment where students develop academically, socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally and culturally. We encourage all of our students to be actively engaged through hands-on activities, experiments, real-world application and peer interaction. In doing so, we aim to help students become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

    Students receive instruction in English Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual Art, Music, Computer Science, and Physical Education. We strive to empower our students to reach their highest level of success by developing literacy throughout all of these subject areas. Literacy empowers students to develop their curiosity, and acts as a foundation to learning in all areas. As such, we also offer guidance and assistance for students with ESL backgrounds and help integrate them into the school and map out their paths for success.

    The TYAS elementary school also offers a wide array of after school programs, such as balloon art, martial arts, knitting, and many others. Among the after school programs, the elementary school is particularly proud of its soccer team. Started in 2018, the boys and girls teams regularly compete locally with international and Taiwanese schools, and have even gone on to compete in competitions abroad.

    In the end, our teachers do not merely treat the elementary school as preparation for middle school, and instead treat it as preparation for life.

Lower School Faculty

G1 Homeroom
Clint Rand

G2 Homeroom
Vivian Chen

G3 Homeroom
Sandy Kan

G4 Homeroom
Jeff Webb

G5A G5B Homeroom
Salome Pienaar, Luke Mulders

Katherine, Wei-Cheng     

Hanjie Liu      


Joseph Culpepper

Fine Wu