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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Board of Trustees

Li-Yu Lee

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Education Background

National Chung Hsing University with a major in Land Economics & Administration--- Urban planning option and a minor in Business management.


Chairman of Sino-Canadian Culture & Economic Association

General Manager of Zong Sine Industries INC, Le Midi Hotel, and  Le Midi Rice LTD 

The Social Education and Public Service Award

Outstanding alumni of National Taipei University

Outstanding alumni  National Chung Hsing University

Outstanding alumni of Aletheia University 

Outstanding alumni of Fu Jen Catholic High School  Outstanding Alumni

Chairman of Department of  Real Estate Alumni Association of National Chung-Hsin and Taipei University 

Chairman of Cross- Strait HealthCare and Leisure Activities Association

Honorary Chairman of Chunghwa Association of human Rights

Honorary Vice- Chairman of World Headquarter of Lee’s Family

Vice Chairman of Taipei Private Nan-Hwa High School 

Government Consultant  of Taoyuan City , Taichung City, Chiayi City, Changhua County and Nantou County


  李麗裕董事長是位成功的企業家,旗下所帶領的米堤飯店乃經由台灣觀光局認可的五星級度假觀光飯店,該飯店不只連續於 2019中部及離島地區「最美麗的飯店和 2020年全國最美麗的飯店榮獲網路票選第一名,也擁有自己的直昇機飛機場。除此之外,米堤飯店的米堤米和養生地瓜蛋糕更是遠近馳名,深獲好評。


李董事長在百年樹人的教育事業上,也不遺餘力。他辛勤不懈地在各個不同的教育機構裡耕耘及奉獻,他除了是位成功的企業家,熱心的慈善家,更是一位宏觀的教育家。他認為 "辦好教育可使更多人獲益,是對社會,也是對國家最大的公益",這也是李董事長一直以來秉持的教育理念。

我們可以確信李董事長將領導桃園美國學校成為一所 "公益學校",並達成本校的教學目標及教育宗旨。


  Chairman Li-Yu Lee is a successful and prominent businessman. Mr. Lee is the proprietor of the Le Midi Hotel, which is an accredited "Five Star Resort” by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. It was also voted number one as the island’s middle region’s most beautiful hotel in 2019 and in 2020 the most beautiful hotel in Taiwan. The Le Midi Hotel not only has its own heliport, but also has Le Midi rice and nutritious sweet potato cake, which are very famous and popular. 

Mr. Lee believes in the business philosophy -- to always follow through and do the best. He is an enthusiastic philanthropist with a warm loving heart, who enjoys charity work and helping people. He also contributes his life to education and nurturing people. He devotes and contributes tirelessly to many different educational organizations. He is not only a successful businessman, an enthusiastic philanthropist, but he is an educator with great vision. Chairman Lee’s educational philosophy promotes establishing good educational institutions that can benefit more people and be great for society and for the country. We believe that under Mr. Lee’s leadership, Taoyuan American School can continue expanding its teaching goals and educational purpose and create a charitable educational philosophy. 



      As a private and independent school, Taoyuan American School is governed by a Board of Trustees whose activities are prescribed by Taiwan law.

      Supervisory responsibility resides with the Board of Trustees as they are accountable for the overall stewardship of the School, including establishing the School’s direction and priorities and overseeing its financial and administrative functions. The Board of Trustees works closely with the principal.

      The Board is comprised of 7 members. Board members are selected based on their capability to dedicate time and energy to the school, their representation of school and community stakeholders, and the match between their skills and resources and those needed for effective governance of the School, including expertise in education, facilities development, finance, fundraising, human resources, information technology and law.

      The Board of Trustees is chaired by Mr. Li-Yu Lee.




Brown Hung



尊爵大飯店  執行董事總經理

桃園市政府  市政顧問

桃園美國學校  副董事長

桃園大眾捷運公司 監察人

桃園市警察局警友會  理事

桃園市觀光旅遊發展協會  常務理事

中華港澳之友協會    常務理事

Vice Chairman

Brown Hung

Mr. Hung has over 40 years of business management experience and an MBA degree from the College of Business from Kainan University. Mr. Hung not only actively and creatively invests in school management, but he also works to unite school and community resources to build a bridge between business, government and education. 

Mr. Hung promotes a school based approach in which Taoyuan American School not only provides a traditional American education and culture, but also promotes a thorough educational and learning environment that cultivates talent with a global perspective and provides an excellent student educational base in Taiwan.


Monarch Plaza Hotel--- Managing Director/General Manger

Taoyuan City Government --- Municipal Consultant

Taoyuan American School--- Vice Chairman 

Taoyuan Metro Corporation--- Supervisor

Association of Police Friends Taoyuan City --- Boardman

Taoyuan City Tourist Association---Executive Director

Friends of Hong Kong and Macau Association---Executive Director


志業 1


志業 2


志業 3