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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow





Taoyuan American School believes that every student has the opportunity to succeed. As a school, it is our purpose to ensure that we have an environment where teachers can teach so that students can learn. We aim to nurture amazing young people who achieve their holistic and academic potential. All of our students, enjoy a curriculum of stimulating, exciting and challenging learning experiences carefully differentiated to meet the needs of all our students. We highly value all areas of learning and our curriculum reflects this.






Curriculum Philosophy

The Taoyuan American School (TYAS) curriculum philosophy aims to cultivate our students to become wholesome people through the learning process of acquiring intellectual information, entertaining with diverse interests and pushing our students to become well-rounded global citizens. The overall purpose of our curriculum meets the educational, developmental, and social needs that emerge in this transitional period. We also provide a supportive and flexible environment so students will have opportunities to develop skills and explore a variety of learning experiences while making the transition from elementary to middle school and high school. Our philosophy considers learning not to be only a body of information, but also a process and a mode of inquiry, and that classrooms are learning communities that foster understanding, mutual respect, and civility. Learning extends beyond the classroom walls to encompass collective goals of exploration, interaction with others, investigation and service to the larger community.

That Philosophy is characterized by...

- a shared vision of knowing where you want to go and determining how to get there

- developed by stakeholders

- a commitment to young adolescents

- a positive school climate -family and community partnerships -high expectations for all

That philosophy provides: 

- a curriculum that is challenging, integrative, and exploratory

- varied teaching/learning approaches

- assessment and evaluation that promote learning

- flexible organizational structures

- programs and policies that foster health, safety, and wellness

- comprehensive guidance and support services

Learning experience that

- provides varied intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral development

- helps students to know more of themselves and the world around them

- is highly integrated and connected to life

- includes student questions, needs, developmental issues and ideas

- involves students in rich and significant modes of knowledge about the environment

- opens doors to ideas that evoke curiosity, exploration, and, at times, awe

- challenges and encourages students to take advantage of learning

- develops caring, responsible, and ethical citizens practicing democratic principles

The core beliefs of that philosophy are crucial and include the concepts:

- leadership is committed and knowledge

- always room for improvement

- a student-centered teaching is fundamental

- planning is based on the vision of the teacher and involvement of students

- learning must be active-every student can learn and has the right to learn

Elite International Program

At TYAS we offer a multi-disciplinary co-curricular American-based educational program within an international context for top students from local schools. This elite academic program intends to aid the local community to promote students to acquire a better international understanding. We have also formulated a specialized consulting team designed to assist our students who enter this program with a tailor-made academic path for them to successfully matriculate into the best colleges and universities around the world.

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