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Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Preparing our students today, for the future of tomorrow

Administration Office


    Office Director

    Yili Wei


    Yili received her Master of Science from the Ohio State University in Human and Community Resource Development in Teacher Education and a Minor in Special Education and earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She worked with hearing-impaired children in nonprofit organization. Yili is currently the Administrative Office Director at TYAS. She loves spending time cooking for her husband and two boys.

    Chief Of Finance

    Sandy Chen


    Sandy was born in Taiwan and had lived in Malaysia for eight years. She has worked in finance and taxation for decades and is in charge of school finance. She enjoys nature, camping, biking and traveling. Sandy is also a dedicated Christian and often participates in overseas mission trips.


    Student Affairs Director

    Ivory Chuo


    Ivory has worked at the American School of Taoyuan for several years and enjoys working with students. She took three years off to pursue her master's degree, specializing in labor migration from Southeast Asia to Taiwan. She hopes to help students learn to see the world from a non-mainstream perspective, develop empathy and patience, and become people who are willing to give.

    Academic Affairs Director 

    Narcissus Chang


    Narcissus has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature Major and German Language Minor from Fu Jen Catholic University, where she also earned a Program-Course in China-Taiwan Relationship Studies. Narcissus was an Academic and Teaching Director at a Private Elementary School in Shenzen, China. She was an English teacher in Fu-Shin Business and Art High School. Additionally, Narcissus spent three years teaching IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test Taking Course in Taipei. Narcissus has 8 years of teaching experiences and specializes in English Academic Writing and Teaching.

    Student Affairs/ Admission Officer
    Amber Kuai


    Amber received a high school degree Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School. Before joining TYAS, she worked as a tour guide participant children's camp, and passionately dedicated to serving the students. In her free time, she enjoys photography, special effect makeup, and communicate with various friends. 

    General Affairs Officer 

    Wesley Chang


    Wesley received his master degree of chemical engineering from Tatung University, Taipei. With 10 years of experience as an engineer and production manager, 5 years as a procurement staff, he is specialized in problem solving and process optimization. As a father of a pair of children, Wesley is passionately dedicated to serving the students.

    General Affairs Assistant

    Jason Chen


    Jason has 15 years of experience serving at a science park as a general affairs officer. As certificate horticulturist, Jason loves nature and plants. He enjoys staying with his son during holidays. His hobbits are jogging, cycling and other outdoor activities. As a determined man, Jason won 7th place of the duathlon in 2016. He is also a devoted person who enjoys offering volunteer services to temples around Taiwan. You can trust Jason with your children.

    Students Affairs Assistant
    Indigo Hsu


    Indigo graduated from Tainan National University of Arts, majoring material arts and design, and she has been working as an illustrator and a ceramic artist for years. After being an artist-in-residency in US, now she is an assistant in the student affairs office in TYAS. She loves traveling, reading and making ceramic sculptures in her leisure time.

    Academic Affairs Officer/ IT Support/ Media Officer 

    Jacky Chiu


    Jacky has a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design from the National Taichung University of Science and Technology. He is specialized in computer graphic design and photography. Before joining TYAS, he served as a Vice Commander in Military Police Company, Headquarters Service Battalion, Army Command Headquarter, MND for five years. He possesses solid army management skills. In his free time, Jacky enjoys sewing and boxing.

    Academic Affairs Assistant

    Ariel Wu


    Ariel graduated from National Taichung University of Science and Technology with a bachelor degree in Multimedia Design. She has open-minded and optimistic personality and is in well capable of initiating projects and working with the team. Before joining TYAS, she worked as a PR agent in a construction company for 4 years and has obtained experiences in complex document processing, graphic design and event planning.

    In her leisure time, she loves both indoor and outdoor activities such as building big Lego sets, traveling and exploring the beauty of the world, and being the gourmet to try every delicious food.


    Michelle Yeon


    Michelle has been awarded Bachelor of Teaching (HONS) in elementary education from Pulau Pinang Institute of Teacher Education, Malaysia. She taught Elementary Chinese in Malaysia for 6 years. After that, she moved to Taiwan in 2018 and involved in early children's education. She currently is TYAS Librarian Teacher and Human Resources officer. She loves to draw and travel in her free time.   


    Joyce Tseng


    Joyce received her bachelor degree of public finance from the National Chengchi University. Before joining TYAS, she was an sales specialist in IT industry and an administrative staff in university language center.

    She is a dedicated Christian and often participates church activities such as choir and sports. She now has two lovely children and is passionately dedicated to serving her family.

    School Nurse
    Angela Weng


    Angela received my master degree of Community Health Care from the National Yang Ming
    Chiao Tung University. I’ve worked in a clinic before. Good at medical care, health
    education, and injection. I love to take care of people and have patience.